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Hi I'm new can someone give me advice on what light I should purchase for my mixed coral 75 gallon reef tank. I'm torn between two kessil a360s vs two radion gen 4

Reef lover24

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both good lights, both have their pros and their cons. Ive had both and personally like the radions better and have gotten more coral growth of the radions but again depends on your budget and what you're looking to do


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Price... Assuming you go with an xr15 rms mount with the radeon and a controller for the kessil they will be about the same price.

shimmer... Kessil has the better nicer shimmer (in my opinion)

Control... the radeon has better or more control but that may not be a good thing depends on you and you shouldn't be changing colors often or at all anyway. you should set it and forget it.

this doesn't really help you chose between them but these are some of the differences lol GL!

greg 45

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mcarroll is pointing you in the right direction / also are you planning for what you are going to do in the future. You might want to purchase a better light now so that when you up grade you wont need to purchase new lights at that time .

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