T5 hybrid by aquatic life


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Has anyone run into a issue with the clips that hold bulbs in place meting and making it impossible to change out your bulbs. Wanted to switch around some bulbs and 2 of my T5s cracked with the plastic adhered to the bulb


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That?s good news. Just saw your post and had the exact same issue. Broke 3/4 bulbs when changing this time. The plastic on the clips melts to the bulbs making them impossible to get free. The first bulbs got all kinds of glass in my tank. Totally a pia. I will contact them tomorrow. I have the 60? fixture and bulbs are costly. Other issue I have with the fixture is they set the wires up backwards. They should both come out on the same side but u can?t set it up that way. It?s just unsightly. But I do love the results of t/5 and my radions. And it is a pretty slick clean look.