Energy Efficiency, Gear Upgrade in Progress.


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Hi all,

I'm new to the site thanks to RAP and chatting with Joe Caparetta, who you're probably all familiar with, and Tristin of Pax Bellum. You'll find a bunch of my posts on RC and R2R for fish forums, and likely a bunch of forums for other hobbies. If you see me out there, feel free to say hello.

Since you're where the ARID got started and I might find the most experience with the system, I came here with an interesting plumbing question.

Hi all,

I've got a Marineland 150 Deep Dimension cube tank that will be primarily SPS though I do like anemones. I have a 120 gallon sump in my basement. I'm running a Blueline 70 return pump, which has been bulletproof but an energy hog. I need to run 750 watts of heat and a dehumidifier all winter and have a large box fan and portable A/C running all summer. I'm going to essentially convert it into a much more energy efficient AOI with some equipment changes. The tank has a DIY glass coast-to-coast overflow that offers plenty of depth for my Apex probes, heaters, float switches, and dosing lines. I plan on having my filtration run essentially as a closed loop. I rely on a calcium reactor for mineral replenishment, though I may give Triton another try at some point since the Element drought is over.

I just ordered a Pax Bellum N24 with the plan of mounting the ARID just above tank level behind the wall. I'm going to plumb it parallel with my UV so that I can hit my target flow rates with each and shut down either branch in case of a leak or maintenance. I may keep my Lifereef skimmer running in line after the UV since they have similar flow rate requirements. The tank is currently set up with BeanAnimal drains and dual returns. My plan is to keep the drains flooded and operating essentially as a closed loop. One return line will be the return for the ARID and the other my UV and skimmer.

Returning the flow from my skimmer is where I have my main question. How can I plumb it so that the water drains properly at about 1200 GPH? I am assuming that I will have to mount the skimmer above the tank waterline, but how far? I can run PVC directly into the return line, but air may get trapped at the elbow down into the tank.

If the skimmer will be an issue, I can discontinue its use as I plan on the ARID being my main filtration and having the skimmer be mainly for gas exchange.

Thanks for the help!