reflux 12k or 14k hamilton mh bulbs ?


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I just ordered 2 new edo watt mh bulbs from hamilton they are 14k I was using reflux for a few years but the last 2 times I've bought them one of the bulbs went after only 2 weeks so I figured I would go back with the hamiltons I have used them a while back and I tHought I liked them I really can't rememebr lol whatta u guys prefeer I done run atinics so 14 k might be a little better for me

Bob 1000

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Staten Island
Reeflux 12k on a coralife ballast,,,,,nice.. But the ballast sucks I went though 2 of them on one bulb.. Currently running the 400watt 12k on a ice cap ballast with good results so far..

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