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You are free to post in this forum, but follow these rules:

  • You must be attending the swap and have already RSVP'd (i.e. PAID) to post
  • You must complete the sale within the swap location (not out in the parking lot)
  • You must include a price for each item you wish to sell
  • You should bring your livestock in a cooler/bag, do not expect to setup a tank of any kind
  • Try to trade instead of just selling, its what keeps the community alive
  • Everyone will have name tags so you can find other people, but get their phone numbers just in case
  • Keep your sales reasonable
  • No hack shack sales (i.e. do not buy a bunch of corals and cut them up the night before)


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Thank you for organizing this event again!

The previous swaps, we could donate corals for the fragging demonstrations, or simply so that they could be sold to fund the site. Is there going to be a separate thread for that?


Manhattan Reefs
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Yes, we will start a thread as we get a little closer asking for donations as you describe.

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