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  • Josh

    I posted a "help wanted" post that seems to have been taken down.
    Was that a problem?
    I thought that if a member needed work, you'd welcome the chance to provide someone on here with a job?

    LMK please and happy holidays

    Hello Josh have a question how dose someone like sirreefalot get to post all that stuff and know one says anything but they made me become a vender and I was not even posting a quarter of the stuff I think it's not far and it's not the first time please let me know why and hope someone takes care of this
    I saw your ad for the Ultra Neon Green Star Polyps - 1 sq foot for 60 bucks. I know what you mean and I think that is a linear foot. If you do me a sq. ft. I will be sure to take you up on it, cause that would be 32 frags at 1.5" x 3'' Please don't mind me sending you this, it was just something I saw and had to mention. Oh well. hope you are OK with it.

    Hello josh I'm henry I hqve a store in miami and I have started going to frag show around the states .I like to see if I c an set a booth at your show coming up please call me if you can 305 971 3474 thank you henry
    Hi josh. First I just wanted to say thank you for a great on line community. I have been a member for a short period of time but the members i have met and spoke to have all been extremely supportive and genuine. I attended the swap at Pace and had a great time !! I did not donate at this event but I have an idea for the next swap. I would like to donate my establishment as a possible host for the next event. The name of the place is called Play. I am located in Queens directly on Queens blvd. It is a 12,000 sqft facility that has plenty of room for vendors/visitors. The website is There is no underlying reason other than I am very committed to this hobby(obsession) and am trying to help our community grow.


    c-917 945-0825
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