My tank needs a blenny!!


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Garden city
I bought a black tribal blenny and loved him ! I love blennies in general they r active have personalitly and cool to watch them swim!
Too bad the tribal blenny was making breakfast lunch and dinner out of my sps !
Soo I'm looking for new cool blenny !

Thinking of adding a brnicale blenny and one of the following Midas, stigmata, or starry

Looking for experience with any of the list or other recommendations !


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central jersey
I had a Midas and he was awesome till he went carpet surfing also had a starry he was cool to just not as colorful or active. Those barnacle bleenys will be my next purchase I want four or five they are cool as h@!!


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Long Island, NY
I have a starry blenny....he is very active and always out and about...he likes to swim with my flame hawkfish...and when he is perched somewhere, he is always visible...he likes to watch whatever is going on..while not being one of the most colorful fish, he makes up for it with his personality...good luck with your choice...