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  • hey dude...its joe from the show the other day...when you can shoot me a email or text 9174173817 and let me know what your looking to sell...talk to you soon...joe
    H20. How old is this tank. Like to see some pic of the stand. I checked the old thread not many pic, of stand. Cell 917 705 4662

    Hey what's up I met you @ James house over the summer and would like to pick up some zoos ..if possible tues night..gimme a shout 917-417-3817
    hey whats up man...i met you with my friends at james house when i picked up some birdnest...if you frag any cheep zoas please let me know..i am setting up a 6gl. nano for my son who wants to take care if it himself so i dont wanna spend alot cause i dont know how well hes gonna do with it..thaks dude! joe--917-417-3817
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