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I stopped by the Colchester Pet Shop in Colchester CT today to pick up some Fritz Turbo Start 900 bacteria and just had to gawk and be awed by their captive bred fish that they carry, specifically the Flame angels!
They had 50 in a tank, they were at about 4 months of age and based on the owner Jen, this is when you can add them as a harem into your tank. Any much older and even though they're captive bred, your not able to add additional ones without the fighting that goes on we all know so well.
She also had a tiny CB Multi-color in the tank of Flames. I also saw older Flames that were paired up in separate tanks, this is when she explained to me that at this age, you cannot add additional Flames and have that harem that we all desire.
She also had a few Lemon Peels and a Cream angel that were captive bred but were already marked sold. The Cream might have still been for sale but I was too busy looking at how cute they were to take mental notice.
This was the tank full of captive bred Flame angels at about 4 months of age ranging from 3/4" to 1.25".

This was a pair at 10~11 months of age, you can see their color come in nicely.

Captive bred fish have come down substantially so that it's not just a topic of conversation anymore but more towards the reality of marine fish keeping for the future IMO. What fuels my interest in these fish is the condition that they are in. We all know that of late, a lot of wild caught fish are coming in with a ton of parasites and flukes. This is more due to wholesaler conditions then being wild caught and the captive bred fish usually bypasses these conditions and I believe they are also fed better vs the occasional flake food or starvation for the journey of wild caught processing.
These Flame angels were a very reasonable price of $99 whether they were the smaller 4 month specimens or the older 11 month specimens. The Lemon Peel and Cream angels were $80.
They had captive bred Mandarins also along with Blennies and gobies. I didn't pay that much attention to them since I kept gravitating back to the Flame angels. Ultimately I could not walk out the door without a pair, these are my guys acclimating as I post this experience :D

Owner Jen is a passionate captive bred believer and I wish her the best and hope more exotic species are added to consumer availability at a reasonable cost in the near future.


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Jen is terrific and really passionate about providing, healthy and affordable aquacultured animals to the hobby. I'm glad to see the supportive attitude in this thread.


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I want to echo the previous statements. Talked with Jen yesterday and she has quite the vision for her store. Also the fish looked fantastic, never thought I would see a group of flame angels like that.