20 year old fish


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Just lost my marine beta, my girlfriend, now wife. Bought me this fish when we were dating , back in 2003 , It was traded in to my local pet shop ( tropical world )or locally known as stinstons,
because it was too big , it had to be at least three or four years old at the time . Back then I had a 75 gallon mixed fish and basic coral tank. When I get married we moved ,I had to transfer to a temporary 55 gallon tank at my parents house . then a 220 gallon tank ,For at least five years then a 120 corner Aqua Vim ,For at least four years, the fish survived a four day power outage in the middle of winter and the temperature went down to the low 50s, 2 lion fish also survived ,
then unfortunately I had to move it to a 26 gallon bowfront , for a couple years , than a 75 gallon tank and then most recently my 95 wave tank. The 95 wave tank is very healthy with lots of coral growth and healthy fish. Unfortunately there was a long white stringy thing coming from the rear of the marine beta, That?s the first photo. The second photo was two months ago before I moved it into the 95


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