Zoanthid question..


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okay guys..i am getting a big colony of zoanthids..first off..i want to know how fast they grow? I have 11.6 watts per gallon...14K MH ..also how can i frag them..let me know..


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Imo theres two ways of going about it. One just breaking a piece of the mother colony and the other if you place a piece of ruble next to it and they will just spread to it.


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Keep them low. Let them spread like Stevo said to other rocks. Then you should cut them with a sharp knife, scissors, scalpel. Cuts will heal faster than ripping them apart. You are dealing with a small tank. Zoos can be a little more toxic than most when cut. If I cut zoos, I always try to remove it before I cut it. Not completely necessary, but it's a good method to keep them from polluting your tank. They grow pretty fast. You should be fragging it within a month or 2.

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