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Well its been 6 months since i decided to get my first frag of SPS and i was getting worried half way thruh when corals just wasnt doing well and i was thinking im wasting my time .Well i can finally say for the past month after i stopped doing some things that others tried that just were not working for me and for the past month my corals have exploded with growth and seem like they are growing right before my eyes :) .Everyday i wake up i look in my tank and i can see new growth and the encrusting has been unbelievable.Only thing im doing as for dosing is zeo zyme once a week and im starting to dose red seas po4 no3 to get my nitrates down a bit. Im getting alot better growth and now im going to try and get some colors to pop.I will use the red sea product for 2 weeks and see if anything positive is happening.If i see no outrageous pop in colors im going to discontiue it and try something else but ive heard great reviews on this product and going to give it a shot.I cant be happier on my tank.S far my favorite reef i have ever set up and having so much fun with it right now :givebeer: