Zoa Problems

Uprising Rage

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Long Island, NY
Why do I have bigger species of Zoas Overtaking and blocking out the sun light from the smaller species that i originally bought? Is this normal? I never see it anywhere else.

Here are the pics...



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Manhattan Reefs
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Bridgewater, NJ
More surface area = more growth. The bigger ones are just outcompeting the smaller ones. Best bet is to try and frag a couple of the littler Eagle Eyes out from under the other ones. Either that or get rid of the bigger ones.


The Inked Reefer
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look, its survival of the fittest, the smaller zoos on the bottom being overshadowed will grow its way around it or spread out to get more light exposure. i wouldn't worry. or if u really want to, take a sharp xacto knife and cut the smaller ones at the base and glue them somewhere else.