We are currently seeking LARGE coral colonies that people can donate to help people who lost the majority of their corals.

We will frag them at the swap and for everyone who had major losses you can take a frag of each.

To kick things off, I'm giving away the following:

Dinner plate sized chalice coral from Cherry Corals
Basketball sized Rainbow Hammer Coral

Massive ORA Pearlberry Acropora

Each of these can make about 50 frags. If you have similar donations please post them here. Anything medium or small please donate at the donations table at the swap.
I won't have any corals for the swap cause my tank suffered die-off event recently, but I will have some dragon breath algae and some equipment (pumps, food) and maybe a LED light that RapidLED sent me for review up as a donation


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We are going to bring a large Acanthastrea colony. Josh if you would prefer we would be happy to frag it ahead of time for you.

In addition we'll have a couple of non fraggable items as well to help in restocking.


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Don't have a large colony but i do have about 5-6 frags encrusted of a tri color valida. More than happy to donate. Should I just bring them to the swap or drop off b4. How do I go about this? Glad to help


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New Jersey
Sorry Folks I cannot make it to the swap. However, I did start a thread for folks who want free frags and lost everything. In a way it is good since I am in NJ and people in NJ who cannot make the swap can pickup some free SPS frags from me.

Keep this effort going. It sucks to lose a tank.

dont really have much to donate other than macros and mangroves if i make it but this is a great thread and im sure everyone at the recieving end of these donations will greatly appreciate them....i just hope that no one really uses this to their advantage for some free corals if their system pulled through the storm fine

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