Is the brace or strap needed in the middle of tank


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Okay after much consideration ...Is the strap or brace that goes acrooss the middle needed?..I was told that this was for the lights not to fall in.
If I cut this out would it compromise the intergrity of the tank?
I'm just looking into it just in case I get a MH I know the light would probably be dead center.


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this one i dont understand? let say 75gallons some are strapped in the middle and some aren't, but the ones that aren't arent bowing? do they use thinner glass in some new 75's? that why they require the strap bar?

i know an idiot who cut both on a 150g he bought brand new =X lols
and then ended up puttin 2 ugly welded bars in place of it because of the bowing action he got


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You don't care
Sam the ones that aren't are probably either older or custom tanks that have thicker glass and bracing that go around the sides (euro bracing). That's the only thing I can figure.