Living Color Aquariums in the news


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Funny how the woman in the end sounded like $125,000 was a drop in the bucket.

Imagine the tank we could build with that kind of money. We'd even put in a few real corals...maybe a dendro species tank and all of the fish from the Diver's Den.


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most of the ppl w/ those tanks, dont know anything about them or the fish. Most of the corals are plastic too. It's a shame when people spend all that money and really can't enjoy the science and biology of the systems they are creating (or at least paying some1 else to create for them)

at least thats my .02


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For some people its a piece of furniture. Most of us here is is obviously diffrent. It is a love and a hobby. To each his own. Imagine the tank we could build with that money! They just have to shop around and find some deals!!!:splitspin


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I was checking out their website. I wonder how much the Megaflow covers are and how they look in real life. If the fake coral looks real it might look a little nicer than the big overflow box.


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125 thousand she got robed !
for that much i could only agree with vanceny & palmtree imagine !