Where to buy eheim 1060?


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Marine Park
The 1060 is now called a 1260 (think it's been that way for a few years)


Select "Fed-Ex Overnight shipping" it will still come out cheaper then local and you'll have it by tomorrow at 10am.

Or you can drive to World Class Aquarium on Flatbush Avenue and pay almost $200 for one today.

Personally I would opt for the 1262 (same size but higher GPH) you can throttle it back if you only want 600 GPH using a ball or gate valve. Plus you can keep it if you ever upgrade.
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Thanks guys,

I am looking to get this for 65g. Is eheim 1250 any good. I dont need lots of flow to my sump as I have 2x6000 tunzes. Is it practicle to use 1250 as a return pump at 3-4' head? How about quiet one 3000? Thanks.