Zeovit method


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so I have been on the Zeovit.com forum and I have been looking on the tank picture thread that they have their, one thing I have noticed is that the tanks are so clean the colors are crazy!!!! The sand is clean!!!!
so what's with this Zeovit method??


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nutrient reduction as far as I know the zeolite absorbs the ammonia before turning into nitrate the bacteria you dose use up the eats the excess nutrients been running one for 1 year love it no more algae battles


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i just looked into the instruction guide book/pdf thing. I'm sure i could handle counting so many drops of solution into my tank every day. I think i would end up cross eyed by years end.
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I have been on the zeo band wagon for about 16 months... All i can say wild caught aussie acros love the "0" nutrient levels but all your aquacultured acros will suffer... Many of those threads in the zeo form have wild caught colonies and those tanks are over seas. ... The prize is the us are the high end aquacultured frags sold by vendors..we know what to expect when these frags grow and its easier to keep a pest free tank when a tank is started by aquacultured frag and maintence is much easir... No tumbling stones, no daily addivited . No extra reactors ... Keep it simple... Fish, protein skimmer, carbon , live rock , shallow sand bed , A refugium and a filter sock .

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