2015 Fall Swap Frag/Equipment Donation Thread


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Howell, NJ
2015 Fall Frag Swap
Frag/Equipment Donation Thread

MR wants your frags and miscellaneous dry good/equipment items!

Please visit the table with this sign to donate your items.

We are able to run these events through the generous donations from our members, so this is our formal request for donations for our upcoming 2014 Fall Frag Swap. These items will be sold in the selling bins at the front of the room (next to the raffle table) throughout the day.

So what can you frag from your tank and bring along?

All donations are greatly appreciated, from beginner corals to those sweet LE frags and anything in between! We also accept donations of equipment or anything needed to run a SW tank.

Do not forget to label the item with your MR screenname & what the item is (type & name of coral).

There will be a fragging demo but we are in need of a few large pieces of SPS or LPS to do the demonstration. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

We'll take anything from leathers, weeds Zoas, Xenia, Mangroves and Cheato they will find a home. Also, some of these corals are given away for free to help those in need of it!

Show the love! :grouphug:

Thank you - from Your MR Mods and Admin!
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New Jersey

I can donate a few SPS frags but they need to be picked up at my house. I will not be able to make the swap.

Let me know of that works.



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I'll be donating mini colonies and frags of these and frags of other acros.



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I have some Montipora frags - I can bring. I was planning to donate them and some blue-green sympodia to those in frag-need. Are 1.5" frags to small for the demo?



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Bring whatever you have, everything will find a home. The same with equipment, even if it's just a part someone maybe looking for it.