Winter is coming, what is your backup for tank?


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Thinking about investing in a generator in case of power outages.

Think a 1500 running watt portable gas generator good enough for a few power heads and heaters?
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Should be good enough. I picked up a 3800 watt last year from a member on the board here. Well worth it for peace of mind.


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With the generators, just check what they are rated for as running watts. I've seen generators with the starting watts in big bold so you think thats what you're buying but you're running watt rating will be lower.

If you want to be safe, look up the wattage of the things you want to run, and double if. Then make sure you buy a generator that has a running wattage above that number.

I have a generac 6500watt that we run the fridges on as well when we get power outages. And ever since upgrading to LEDS, i just run my whole tank :p.
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