setting up dosing pump?


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I just got a dosing pump. I currently use kalk in my auto top off reserve. my tank is 220gal. I am wondering if i should just stop kalk then take readings in a week and then start the dosing pump. any thoughts thanks


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I guess it depends on your reading of the three Cal,Akl, Mag. Also what and how much corals you have that taken up elements. Is your tank stable now. It would take some time and a a week of testing to get it right. One way is to see one day without dosing. So you see your reading of Alk & Cal level. Than go to Alk & Cal calculate which will help figure what to add . It's up to you if you want to continue Kalk along with 2 parts but be a little harder to tune in at first to you understand your tank needs. It will take time and testing to get it down. Here is one kind of calculator.

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