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wassaaaaaaaa fellow reefers!! i know its been like 238749832747324 days since the last time i posted on MR. even though ive been busy with other hobbies, i still have my reef tank up and running. i was even at Reef Shoppe on Black Friday picking up up a bunch of new stock. Anyway. i just want to say THANK YOU to Metrokat. i was the one who purchased her 50g Cadlights custom tank and stand. This was probably the easiest and smoothest tank purchase ive ever made. I got to her apartment, and EVERYTHING was all cleaned out and dried, and yall ready for this??..............EVERYTHING was on luggage carts!!!!!!!!!!! the sump was inside the stand, which we bubble wrapped for extra safety, and the tank was on another cart. all the spare parts were also in boxes and bags!!!! the fact that it was about 20 degrees today, we were able to wheel everything down to my car in one shot, and load everything up easily. I was hoping i didnt have to carry a tank down flights of stairs, or even worse, have my wife help me carry a tank down flights of stairs!! on top of everything else, she has kept in touch with me to make sure everything is good. i wasnt even looking for a new tank upgrade, but the deal was too good to pass. tank stand and sump is now in its new home, and ill be starting the leak tests and installing all plumbing this week. maybe ill even create a tank thread. ok. ive said enough. once again...Thanks Kat!!!!!