Moving to Manhattan - where do you throw out old tank water (toilet?)


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I have a 30L Nuvo I run at my parents home in NJ. Trying to make the decision to either bring it with me to my studio apartment.

Or buy and run a smaller reef. Something like 10 gallons or so. I guess I would buy a small cabinet and have a small bucket of salt, and my RODI filter. I guess unlike my home, where I a trash can full of RODI'd water ready, I would need to filter water the day of my water change.

And then..dump the old water into the toilet?

This is sounding more intense than I thought it would be!


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I use a Python for water changes on my JBJ 45, so all water goes down the kitchen sink. I have a small Brute container that I keep in the closet and bring it out and fill it with a counter top RO/DI (also hooked up to the kitchen sink) when I need to do a water change .
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