New House....tank build


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Good evening!

Been awhile since I've been on. Since selling off my stuff almost a year ago. I have been away from the hobby busy with renovations. House is finally almost done and ready to go.

Unfortunately, this thread is a prequel to the build as I am still in the final stages of renovations and haven't completed all the steps of finishing off my house.

I am just staring at tanks now and what has gone on for the previous year.

The good news?

New house, MY HOUSE and I can build my tank how I see fit and utilize spaces as needed.

I am looking at a 5x2x2 or 6ft wide area in my dining area closest to the garage to utilize as the area for my sump, filtration, frag area, etc

I need to download CAD to start planning out my build a little better.

Either way, anyone have any updates on what has happened in the past year? New lighting? New skimmer craze (still cone?)? New wave pumps? etc



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Is there any other suggestions on basement beam support? I read tonyscoots page 15 use of shoring posts. I don't know if I want to use it as I plan to use that area for my kids to play as well.

It will be running parallel to the beams and only over 2 beams at the expected tank size 5x2x2 or 6x2x2.

It will be display only with everything else running pipes into garage into filtration setup.

I don't know what the total weight would be but I'm sure heavy with that size of a tank.


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Welcome back

Garage can be doable but maybe have to run big heater and/or chiller. If the garage gets real hot and cold prob not a good idea.

Whats under tank? Basement?
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