Best way to remove Textured Paint of Back Glass?


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Hey Everyone, I use Krylon granite to paint the back of my tank now thinking of changing the color, any tricks? Its not normal paint regret not using acrylic at the time, so if you feel the back of my tank feels rock since its textured. Any ideas on removal? Was thinking Easyoff Heavy duty along with lacquer thinner. Any other ideas? I hope it just doesn't damage the glass these chemicals


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There is liquid paint removal , you apply it and wait 15-20 min - it melts the paint , you can probably wipe it right off with soft cloth , not sure what effect it's going to have on the glass though ?


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Get a glass scrapper with replaceable blades from homedepot of wherever. Cost you like $7, You'll be done in moments, without worrying about damaging the plastic trim or silicone that paint remover might cause

Then you can use it for your maintenance to scrape the inside glass clean

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