HELP! Red Turf Algae


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So I have a bad (not excessive) case of red turf algae. It's on live rock and power head and also my back overflow. I have a 45 gallon cube, run gfo, carbon, and cheato reactors. Chinese led from ebay about 1yr old. I use RO water. I do 5 gallon water change every week. parameters pretty good (every test kit is different) everything I've read is back from like 2012, so please if someone is going to post a link I don't mind it being old but the last post is even old. I've read turbo snails help and they don't. Read tuxedo urchin help and they don't. yellow tangs (have one) help and they don't. Lawnmower blenny? Read taking out rock and using peroxide then leaving rock out of the water for 2 mins, but pretty much every piece of rock has coral on it. By the way corals growing like crazy. and awesome colors. Even had some acans totally bleach out (I mean white) and they came back with all there colors. Even have some sps thrive! None of it is on the sand. I've heard it will take over everything. Also have purple coraline but would rather more where the turf is.
So has anyone had success with it or good advice? Was thinking about next week placing order for urchin and turbos. figured I give it all weekend for advice before order.
Will take pics with white lights tomorrow. Will post pic of it on my gyre (probably come out sideways lol) below with the blue lights.
Also heard this stuff thrives in pristine water condition! Really! Don't we want that kind of water quality?
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I would def go buy a good amount of turbo snails to keep it under control only issue with them is they need to be replenished over time esp if u have fish that pick them up and they land on their shell they can't flip themselves over

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I agree with meat. 72 hour lights out period usually does the trick. I got sick of dealing with algae issues on and off and decided to go with the zeovit system. Best thing I ever did.