Flame wrasse trio


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Brooklyn, NY
Yesterday I picked up a very beautiful trio of Hawaiian Flame wrasse (C. jordani) from Advanced Marine Aquatics. They are settling into acclimation and eating well. It was my first time visiting this shop and I found it to be very nice. It is clean and spacious and the livestock was in very good shape. Nice job Andrew and crew!



don't fear the reefer
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Those are really beautiful fish!

Looks like the 2nd and 3rd photos are of the same fish. Is the 3rd one a female or juvenile?

Good luck with them!

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Reef lover24

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Long island
I stopped into advanced marine aquatics yesterday for the first time.. i walked out a very please customer and will be back 100%. Quality livestock, and Nick and Andrew are awesome. the 5 fish i bought including a purple tang eat like pigs and are very active!

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