Fish Compatibility and when to add


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Good morning everyone,

I am contemplating on fish compatibility and when to add.

I have seen some very nice examples and I think it was Tusi's tank that I saw with a bunch of wrasses and anthias that made the tank look amazing. Gave color and movement. These two species are very active, colorful and reef safe. Plus most of them are very affordable vs some higher priced options.

So I have a Red Sea Reefer 350 and here is my wish list:

Pair of designer clowns - flurry, bullethole, etc
Purple Tang
Yellow Tang
Midas Blenny
Longnose Hawkfish

Blotchy anthias
Sunburst anthias
Exquiste Wrasse
Melanerus Wrasse
Scotts fairy wrasse

I assume that the only thing that I have to worry about is the tangs going in at the same time and I plan to purchase them as juveniles 2-3" and introduce/QT at the same time. atleast if I QT them at the same time I don't have to take apart my DT if there is an issue.

Any known issues with any other listed fish?

I plan to upgrade my skimmer to handle 3-4x the water volume at heavy load.

Nutrient reduction will be handled by skimmer and Chaeto reactor.


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I have 2 qt it woked out very well one qt acchilies tang second qt powder blue when I introduce them togatther it was fine same foe sohail tang and clown tang


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I will eventually upgrade when i redo my house. It was more based on available location in my house and weight of the tank that drove the size.

Once i do my addition to my house in another 3-4 years, i will definitely purchase a much bigger tank.

As of now, i plan to purchase them at juveiles and dont expect them to be fully grown specimens for a few years.

Mqur. Any reaaon not to QT them together? I planned on putting them together from the start.