Any easy way of dosing? Not getting consistant readings


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Hey everyone, im using what has been viewed as the best kits for the given doses im trying to test for. I use Red Sea kits for MG/Cal and hannah for Alk. Some reason tests arent lining up right.

Yesterday tested the right way according to red sea on youtube. I got Cal 300 Mg 1240 and with the Hannah got 5.0 dkh.

Today i tested Alk and got 3.2 first than decided instead of using a 10ml syringe like the same i used yesterday i filled up to the line on the vial..than i got a more realistic 4.4 Alk. Than i expected cal to be lower since these tests are exactly 24 hours apart, instead i get a reading of 380! Now i tested Mg and got 1240 which is only thing consistant so far.

Didnt thing the hardest part of dosing a tank was going to be the part of testing the water, if the trident test thing wasnt so expensive i would do it. Any suggestions? The kit is a year old, i always shake the bottles before use and so on. Was thinking of just getting someone to service my tank and set up the dosing pumps however im sure they need the readings, before setting up everything.


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I see you are using Hanna dkh. Are you using the right reagent. They is two one for ppm and dkh. If that's right. Reading can be different depending on light. I stop using Red Sea. But try salifert Cal.


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alk below 5dkh is super low. I don't know of any salt that mixes that low offhand. perhaps try a second kit to verify results? that's the best way. I always tend to have 2 alk tests and 2 phosphate tests at all times, just in case I see a reading I don't believe on the more trusted/easier test.
as for your inconsistent readings, try doing them at the same time of day. PH is the one that jumps the most during the day, but depending on coral load in the tank, the others could be jumping around too. temperature should also be consistent. and make sure your vials and everything is cleaned with ro water. I also like to clean them in a vinegar bath for 10-15 min and soak in ro water overnight.