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Haven't been in the forum for ages and while I have been back to NYC for a new venture, slightly inching to restart a tank.

Maybe the easier kind this time - a mushroom(or rose anemone) tank with a pair of clowns. If friends here still the descendants from my clowns, I would love to buy some back to continue the lineage if decide to restart my tank.


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Another old timer is back!! I don?t feel so alone Welcome back to NY and to the hobby as I am sure you will be since you took the first step of posting here!


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Hey Wingo welcome back !! I got a pair of clowns from you in 2011 I sold my tank with the live stock 2 years ago these clowns are now laying eggs contact jeromeit im sure you guys can make a deal and you will get back your lineage and supply us with healty baby clowns

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