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Queens nyc
Been doing research and getting mixed info. Is it ok, not to run a skimmer 24 hours a day ? Would it be pinto run it say 18 hours a day as opposed to 24 hours ? Any input is appropriated. Thanks all


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Run it as needed. My predator tank runs 24/7. My clown rbta tank I run it every other day, RBTA?s like the nutrients.

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Run mine from 8am to 8pm. This has worked best for me. I dose my tank at 8pm so it gives the corals a chance to feed. It also depends on your nutrients.
Totally agree..
At night is when the micro-fuana thrive and the corals are utilizing the water column for food.i personally have mine setup thru the apex to turn off at 8pm when my lights go out and turn back on when my lights turn on.


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I actually turn mine on at a reverse light cycle.
1) I don't hear it during the day
2) It keeps the 2 degrees out of my tank at it's peak with the lights on.
3) I don't have to fumble and shut it down for feeding during the daytime.
4) Oxygenates the water probably when it's at the lowest point of the day (PH etc.)


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Like the idea of running reverse light cycle. If the size of skimmer and nutrient levels jive with that of course. But that may interfere with ato system, if you have one