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They were running big discount and close out sales recently, so I guess they're done at this point. LA is still around though.
Yeah I know they were doing that. And I do remember there was a deadline to those sales which may have been last week and I guess that's when they switched the site over. But still.... This is the site I got into the hobby with back in 2004.


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I still like ThatFishPlace, and I also order from both, as one had things that they other didn't. I wonder if LA will keep selling dry goods, especially under their name as PetCo already has a line of products.

Funny, but everyone seems to be selling through Amazon nowadays, even online places are on Amazon's website.


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Tunze ATO

Bulk reef supply: $199 plus tax plus 5 day shipping plus $7.99 return charge.

Amazon: $199 plus $10 off coupon NO TAX 2 day shipping free undisputed returns.

Not even comparable to a smart consumer.

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