New build Darkside Reefer 750 xxl


Darkside Reefer
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Central Islip
So I've been in this hobby for about 5 years now and have had terrible success. That's due to my own stupidity. Rushing here. Cut a corner there, buy this equipment to fix my problems, spend a lot of money that i should have saved(my wife points chat out) .. blah blah blah. So why is this time going to be different?

1. I didn't settle and got what i really wanted... red sea reefer 750xxl. Picked up last night. I'm so excited(pointer sister style) ps you'll be signing that all day now.

2. Patience. As a father of two girls I've had to learn patience.

3. Respect. Everything i put into this is alive and with that deserves my respect. I'm looking to provide the best environment that i can.

4. Support. I'm reaching out and talking to any and everyone that reefs. Successes, failures it's all valuable info.

5. No more stupid impulse buys... well maybe a few


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