ACAN LED fixture repair?


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My fixture got semi wet and one strip of leds went dead. Anyone out there that can fix? The company unfortunately went out of business.

In the one picture it?s the back row right side, it?s out. The middle row is fine just my blues on now.


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I just learned how to replace LEDs by soldering. If you're willing to do it yourself, a soldering kit from Amazon and replacement LED diodes, lenses are what you need. If you're power supply is out, or a rusty connection is all it is, that's an even easier fix. To figure out if its just one LED that is causing the whole line to not light (like cheap Christmas lights) then get a soldering kit with a multimeter, so you can test each connection. I would say the difficulty level is like high school radio building or speaker work shop.–-instructional-article.332489/