To Damselfish or Not


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I think I?m going to put Damsels in my 240.G reef tank. Im looking at 18-24 of them in total. 8 or 9 Azure Damselfish, 8 or 9 Blue Sapphire Damselfish and 8 Talbot's Damselfish.
My current fish are a Coral Beauty & Regal Angel, a Blond Nasa & Dejardini Tang. Two Pajama Cardinals. A Diamond Goby and a Gold spot Rabbit fish..(Siganus punctatus) Gold Spotted Rabbitfish
I thought about Athias but i think over time they harass each other to death and at 30, 40 dollars a pop I decided to pass.

Im Also considering two Engineer gobys and a wrasse or two.
what do y?all think ? before i pull the trigger.
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I'm going in the same direction of using damsels in addition to the tangs. any damsels which stay under 2 inches in size, and can feed off the rock work. Chrysiptera types. That excludes a bunch of chromis and other phelagic species, which feed off the water column. there aren't too many species for me to use. As for getting 8 of each species, I don't think you need that many, since they aren't going to school. Since you're feeding your tank, you can spread out to just 2 or 3 of each species, and using about 6 or 8 species for diversity.


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go with a school of blue green chromis.
I had 18-20 ish in my 300 DD tank and they were pretty cool to see schooling around from time to time.

They are also less aggressive than the damsels.

Jim C.


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I heard chromis kill themselves off until literally down to one, should check into that before going that route.

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