Pearlscale Butterfly


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Bergen County NJ
Hey guys,

Just picked up a pearlscale Butterfly..wondering if anyone has had any luck with successfully keeping them alive for more than a few weeks?

Few days in and were swimming, eating and getting along well. Varied diet of frozen offered so far but the pe-
calanus and brine shrimp so far seem to be the favorites.

Any input is appreciated...thanks
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Queens, NY
From my experience with Caribbean butterflies, they all like live mussels. I prefer mussels since they seem to have soft mantles compared to chewy clams. Oysters would be softer, but try finding live ones. Get a 3 lbs bag of mussels and toss a few into your tank, eat the rest with beer. Since they are live, they won't pollute. See how they take to those, once they recognize them as food, you can start freezing them.

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