Ripped anemone


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If you keep your water clean and the parameters good, anemones can usually heal themselves. It's different than splitting due to trauma, but anemone's will reproduce by splitting themselves into 2 or even 3 pieces. Each piece eventually heals and becomes a viable, individual anemone.


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I also think your ok. Rip looks clean and anemone looks ok too. I?d definitely put back into tank and let nature do its thing. Keeping it stress free is crucial now. It?s the ones that get chewed up by powerheads have almost no recovery. Good luck

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If the water stagnates in the box, they will both rot. they'll do fine as long as they have clean water and flow. just like fragging mushrooms. I'll also let it free into the tank, but if you want to keep it contained, I'd take off the box top and just wrap the box with rubber bands to create a jail cell door on top, place the rubber bands with large once inch spacing to max out water flow. As it heals and sticks to the walls, it's going to be cutting off flow though the holes.

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