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Hey guys, need advice on a generator for my tank. It is a Reefer 350, about 100G total water volume. Need to get a generator for emergencies. I live in NYC and we recently had a brief power outage which concerns me.

What generator do I need to run the tank with this equipment:

Vectra L1 return pump
Nyos skimmer 160
Kessil AP700
Chiller 1/4 HP
2 WAV pumps
Also would be nice to be able to run at least a standard medium size fridge if possible

My Apex shows that I use maximum of 8 amps when my chiller or heaters on.

Appreciate your help! Thx



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Honda eu2000

Go with the Honda. It?s well worth the extra money. Harbor freight sells garbage. The Honda is quiet and very efficient and they start on the first pull always. Just don?t store it with gasoline in it. I?ve run my max650 on it a few times during outages but I only run the return and a heater. Plus a box freezer and my refrigerator. If u run the Honda in ecomode it will last all night with a near full load. The Honda is the best gas powered generator on the market.


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best option is to have battery backup. even just to run a return pump only. Buy a large computer battery backup battery. have only the return pump plug in. this should give you an hour or so depending on pump and battery size.
someone at home will have to start the generator in even of power outage.
2000w generator will run whole system besides the chiller.
2000w Honda generator are compact, super quiet and easy start. they cost 1000.00
I have a 2000w champion generator. they are bigger, they are just as quiet as Honda. Mine start with one pull after whole year in storage. Champion genny can be had for 350.00 refurb on ebay.
My generator saved me 3x this year. Battery gave me enough time to get home and start the generator. One fill up of gas will last good 6-8 hours on full load.

DO NOT get 100.00 generator from harbor Freight. They are junk. You will break your arm before getting it started and it is very noisy.
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