Getting back into the hobby


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Union County, NJ
After I graduated from college in 2014 I broke down my 29gal mixed reef. I have only kept a 5gal SPEC with some softies and no fish since (I maybe do a water change a few times a year).

I just bought a house and that means that I have the space to start up a tank again!!

I got a Deep blue 57gal tank a few months ago and have just been procrastinating about a stand and everything else.

I was planning on getting a nice stand and put it in my living room but determined a basement tank with a basic black stand would be better to get back into the hobby.

I will be picking up the matching stand this week.

I have a few questions since I've never had a rimless tank this big before.

1. Do I need to put a mat or something under the tank, on top of the stand to account for vibration or unevenness? I have never done this on any other tanks (even small rimless) but again, I've never had one this big.

2. What are some lights that I should consider for a tank this size? (36x18x20)
I have a cheap, Chinese made LED box that worked well for my 29 but that was only 30"

Lastly, while in college I build everything myself: sump, drilled tank, overflow, fuge etc. I don't really have the desire to do that stuff anymore so I'll be buying a sump.
Looking at the Eshopps RS-100 sump. Anyone have experience with this?

Looking forward to getting back into the hobby and getting back into the MR community.



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The eshopps sumps not really well made they bow overtime know a couple of people who had them invest a little more $$ and get better one