Cycling Tank


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Union County, NJ
It has been a few years since I've cycled a new tank so maybe I'm just being impatient but hoping you guys could help calm my nerves..

I added Dr Tims One and only bacteria to my tank and dosed ammonia to 2ppm last friday. I have been checking the ammonia levels every day and there still is no change after 8 days.

I know that nothing in this hobby is fast and I remember my last cycle taking about a month but I am getting nervous that maybe the bacteria was not good this time.

Is it normal for the first week to see no change in ammonia levels?
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Queens, NY
if you're located near the ocean, a sample of sea water will add a full spectrum of micro organisms to your tank. Or, if you can get fresh, live seafood, oysters, clams or mussels, same affect.


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Bergen County NJ
What test kit are you using? Not familiar with Dr. Tims but was the correct amount added for your size tank? Maybe it just needs a little more added.

I've used Fritzzyme 9 to cycle the quarantine tank and the ammonia doesnt go over .015

Worst case make a small batch of fresh salt water and test that to see if you get a different reading.

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