Question Where to purchase mesh screen aquarium tops?


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Hello everyone, not sure where to look to find mesh screen tops for aquariums? My cousin has a 120 gallon tank 48x24x24 and is looking for a screen top, so its betters for the LEDS, basically just to prevent his wrasses from jumping out if the tank. Im not really looking for a DIY project, figured i see if there is any commercial available/or if keepers make them for sale. Thanks


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You would need 3 pieces of framing and 2 packs of corners,Your probably looking at less then 30 bucks
I like to use white aluminum framing


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You’re sure that it’s 1/4”? Don’t think that I’ve ever seen that.
You are right, it is bigger. Sorry about that.

What I did, is make a border around my fish tank with cut outs for wire and hose. I also cut out the middle and also glued handles to the side using egg crate. What I like is that I first made it cover completely and then cut out the middle for my light fixture. I cut it with landscape shears.

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Jumper yesterday, so pissed... Had all the screen parts already, took 45 minutes.
Frame and corners home depot
Mesh brs

Gonna refine and make one that fits flush inside the rim...

But this is good for now $20 in materials