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I heard of this websight from a friend. He said that there is a warehouse in manhattan with good products and good prices. Can anyone let me know about this?

I have a 29 gallon, and I am starting to add corals. It has been up and running for some time and I woud like to add the corals in now that I have a 250 MH bulb in it.

I am searching for all types of frags and soft corals. Especially, sun polyps and the corals that are flat but spiral up (sorry forgot the name).

I am also searching for others like color zoos and a few feather dusters.

Thanks for any info you may have.


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Originally posted by 4angel:
This guy has been open for the past six months He services tanks primaraly but sells stuff from his shop. The owners name is Joe and his shop is located on
511 West 33 st. between 10th and 11 Ave. in a wearhouse. He asks to please call before comming over. (917)757-9744

Joe seemed very friendly and helpfull. I would go if only to see the show tank 200+ with a couple of rare pieces He also has great looking tank raised and wild fish some LPS softies zoos and dry goods. He setting up an SPS tank soon. Joe seemed hoby friendly and willing to place special orders. IMO this guys shop has the potential to take off and put some local shops to shame.
Also see the thread "Joe's Visit"

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