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As of 10/31/03 U.S. Fish and wildlife has ban all imports from FIJI including live rock. We don't know how long it will last. It is due to the Fiji goverment's failure to comply with the new regulations set by CITIES. I will keep everyone up to date upon any changes.



I read a post by Walt Smith at reefcentral saying that the ban was a result of extreme incompetence, and now that somebody else is in charge, the ban shouldn't last long.

And since I'm one of those captive bred only guys, I think a ban on coral imports might be a good thing.

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I hope the ban doesn't last long. But,as with other things once the goverment gets involved it's never easy to back. IT'S NOT A GOOD THING!!
Other than Sal's place and a few hobbist's in our area.I don't see much support for aquacultured coral. I see a lot of the frags for sale still in the tanks when I visit the local shops and the wild collected colonies selling more. This should be a wake up call for us. I feel it's only the start and we need to support the aquaculture efforts more and express our concerns to the LFS that we want to see more frags and aquaculture.


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Next we'll see:

Rare Fiji Corals & Fiji Live Rock for Sale!

Let's hope this doesn't give the vendors an excuse to start raising prices for corals & rock from Fiji! :D


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Honestly, if this ban does last, it is only right to raise prices of fiji rock and corals.

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