Advanced Reefer
Westchester, N.Y
Would like to congratulate Nelson and Best wishes for Aqua Reef Aquatics. Definitely needed a LFS in Westchester. Nice to talk to a good guy that worked his way to owning his own store. If you didn't stop by yet. I highly recommend stopping by. If your looking for salt and want to stock up now is the time.. He has plenty of Instant Ocean and Cystal Reef boxes at a excellent price. Already has nice selection of corals and fish at reasonable prices. Parking lot or street parking excellent. If your an old reefer back in Maximum Reef days. You definitely like this place. Good Luck Nelson...

Matt L.

Experienced Reefer
Scarsdale, NY
I stopped by tonight, and I found this to be an amazing store. I know there are lots of choices for stores in the tri-state area, and I've become friends with some of these owners. But please check out this store. The prices were really very reasonable and the selection of fish and coral was outstanding.


Advanced Reefer
Hudson Valley
I swung by on my way home from work a few days ago. The tanks were clean and full of fish, inverts and coral, all at very reasonable prices. The owner told me he would be setting up some display tanks soon. I grabbed a couple frags of SPS on the way out and am very happy with the quality and price. Looking forward to my next visit.

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