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Hey all, just joined here, wanted to introduce myself. Have a 54gal corner tank, and a small 2.5gal tank, both saltwater.

Right now the 54gal corner is mostly Lps, mushrooms, sponges, and inverts, with a few small fish. Looking to upgrade to a 96 gallon corner soon, really excited to have more real estate and increase the environmental stability of the tank conditions.

We set up the 2.5 gallon about a year ago for all the "unwanted" hitchhikers we kept finding coming out of the live rock in the bigger tank. It felt great to make a home for them instead of just getting rid of them, and this tank has become my favorite to observe. We put two mid-sized pieces of live rock in there, and it's incredible the amount of things that we have discovered living in them. Bristle worms, brittle stars, aiptasia, worms we have yet to identify. Into this tank we also put two blue legs, a few nassarius snails and some other tiny miscellaneous snails, for algae control. Minimal filtration (just the built-in compartment, with charcoal and filter pads), weekly water changes, feeding every 3 days, and everyone is thriving. Fascinating dynamics, especially between the crabs and nassarius.

Great to be here!


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