Acrylic Tank

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and joined as I'm looking for some help/direction.

I worked with a company in California several years ago to design and build this 16-foot-long, 750-gallon acrylic aquarium. It is made with 1.25-inch-thick acrylic walls, and measures 180 inches in length, 36 inches in width, and 30 inches in height. The tank is seamless and has an impressive view on all four sides without any supports in the middle of the panoramic view.

We built a premium wooden base which is outfitted with eight steel rolling casters. I need to move the tank out of my shop and am looking for a good home. It's a difficult item to sell (i.e. on-line Kijiji, FB Market place). This is a unique item and one for a very specific buyer.

Thought i would join this forum to seek out any advice or contacts that might be available. It's a real beauty - someone is going to enjoy it very much. Need to find that someone. Asking $6,500 USD.

Any help, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!


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Acrylic Tank

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Your posted #s seem incorrect, to be 16’ or 750g
The tank is 16' (outside dimensions / included the top form bracing). Inside dimensions are 180" (actually 15') x 30" x 36". Total mass = 840 gallons (if 100% full). I posted 750 gallons (+- 50 gallons), depends on how full you make it. So, you are correct, the tank is actually 15' (plus an extra 1' bracing) and 785 gallons if filled to within 1.5" from the top.

Acrylic Tank

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If you’re looking to sell the tank, a price must be listed, as per forum rules.

I’d suggest that you might contact Andrew Sandler, of Polo Reef in Long Island. He might be interested in a large (small for him) tank.
I appreciate the direction on listing the price. I am asking for $6,500 USD and adjusted the ad accordingly. Also, thank you so much for the lead - i will contact Andrew to see if he might be interested.

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