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Anyone have one??? I was thinking of getting one... But it would have to be at least 125 gallons... Might be making one if I see one in person or the price is to outrageous,,, who know's,,,lol... What do you guys think of these beautiful tanks???
I think coralline might be a pain in the butt on both sides of the glass but still willing to try one depending on the response of this thread..

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We have one. We use it during all the shows we attend. It's a very eye catching display tank. If you wanted to DIY it would require an expert in acrylic work to match their quality. They also have some proprietary designs that make the system very efficient.



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Full disclosure: I worked with ZeroEdge last year, marketing their aquarium leading to the setup of the MEGA ZeroEdge at MACNA.

I first saw the Zeroedge a couple of years ago and fell in love with it, it fills a niche in this hobby that has been void for a long time. It's a eye catcher, it'll spark interest in anyone who sees it, it has a major "WOW" factor and it's fully functional. It's stand alone so it can be placed just about anywhere.

I've seen a lot of "knock-offs" but none that matches the quality and workmanship of the real thing. I know that tank intimately and the work that has gone into the design to make it flow as evenly as it does and it's no easy chore. You'd be better off buying one than going through the headaches of trial and error to get it to work correctly.

If you have any questions regarding the Zeroedge, plesae don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Dj Orion

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seems like everyone is forgetting that the zero edge has an insane amount of evaporation. You will be topping that thing off daily in order to keep it running. Thats how it was when it was setup at my job anyways...

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