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We wanted to thank all of you for your continued support of Manhattan Reefs and our growing membership. The contributions of your businesses have been a big part of what makes Manhattan Reefs one of the top online forums for marine aquarists.

Going forward, Manhattan Reefs will be evaluating new vendor applications and renewals closely. We expect vendors to provide value to our membership over and above a good deal and we feel it serves our members best if you not only provide a high quality product but that you also offer advice and experience as often as possible in the public forums. Also, please remember that Manhattan Reefs has two frag swaps per year. We generally have an auction and a raffle at each swap to generate income to keep this site running. The success we have experienced in the past was greatly dependent on our vendors providing donations. We would like to continue this trend going forward and we ask that as a tenured or new vendors that you plan to offer what you can to these events.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you all of our current vendor rules as well as add a couple of new ones. We look forward to collaborating with you toward the future benefit of our membership.

Respect for other vendors
• No posting competing prices in other vendors forums or threads
• No posting negative comments about any other vendor or the Manhattan Reefs community at large
• You will only make price offers in member posts that are specifically looking for pricing information
• You will limit yourself to bumping only 3 posts onto the vendor front page at any given time, as a courtesy to the other vendors
• Items offered for trade must be listed in the vendor forums

Respect for our animals

• You will not sell “difficult to keep” livestock to new hobbyists.
• You will not sell diseased, sick, dying, bleached or dyed livestock.
• You will not sell livestock to a customer whose tank has not been properly cycled.
• You will advise customers of the proper conditions required for any piece of livestock you sell if requested.
• You will advise customers of any dangerous species, poisonous livestock, or dangerous items you offer for sale.
• You will properly dispose of any livestock to prevent invasive species affecting our local natural environment.

Respect for our planet
• You will act in a manner that is respectful to our hobby, site and the global marine environment.
• You will not sell endangered species
• You will not buy or sell any goods or animals that are illegal to own or purchase in the United States

Dispute Resolution
• You will use Private Messages to resolve any disputes. Site moderators are not arbiters of disputes between members and vendors.
• While as vendors, you can receive negative feedback, you cannot give negative feedback to any buyers.
• You will not speak negatively in the public forums about any MR members.
• Moderators are available to handle major disputes or site related issues, they are not responsible for assisting vendors.

Applications, Issues, Offenses
• The moderators and site operators reserve the right to reject any vendor application.
• Manhattan Reefs cannot be held liable for any transactions completed in the forums.
• Failure to comply with the posting rules will result in immediate post removal.
• Vendors will receive a warning for violating the vendor rules stated above. Subsequent issues will cause the specific forum to be locked indefinitely. In addition, the user account may be locked out (banned) from using the site in the future.
• Vendors will not delete, edit, or comment publicly on Moderator/ Admin posts within any thread including your vendor forum.
• The annual fee for the vendor forum is non-refundable.
• This system is being run at the discretion of the site owners who reserve the right to cancel this program at any time.
• The Vendor program is run at the discretion of the site owners who reserve the right to terminate associations at anytime for undisclosed reasons.
• All vendors must adhere to the terms of service of this site.

After you have read and agreed to the above, please feel free to complete the application below:

Manhattan Reefs Vendor Application
If you are interested in becoming a vendor on Manhattan Reefs, please send your completed application to for review. Make sure to answer these questions in some detail to help us best evaluate your application.

(1) Please describe, in some detail, your business. (i.e. Do you deal in livestock? Dry goods? A particular product? Are you a brick and mortar store? Are you an internet store? How long have you been in business? Be as specific as possible)

(2) What specific benefits does Manhattan Reefs and its members gain by having you as a vendor? (i.e. Do you deal in rare fish? Is all of your coral aquacultured? Will you be an active member of the site? Will you be offering discounts?) Please include a detailed description.

(3) If you are a new business, what are your short-term and long term goals? How does Manhattan Reefs fit into those goals?

(4) Please provide any additional information you feel will be beneficial to your application status.

Please note that simply filling out an application does not guarantee your approval to be a vendor on Manhattan Reefs. Each application will be evaluated carefully by the MR Administration.

If you are accepted as a vendor, the fee is $300.
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You are a vendor if you fall into any of the categories outlined in the site rules or if you provide a service that is aquarium related. This includes aquarium maintenance and tank consultation. Please fill out a vendor application and submit it to the site administration. If approved you can have your own forum and provide your business information etc there. Selling these services behind the scenes via Reefberry and Private Message is considered Stealth Vendoring. The site administration takes reports of these Stealth Vendors very seriously and may result in penalties and even banning if the actions persist. Trust me someone always drops a little PM reporting these SV's and the site administration is watching quite a few members. Don't want to fall into the SV category? Fill out the application and submit it.
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