Zuska's Swap take off!!!

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I will be selling some pieces of sps, lps and zoas. so here is the list. I will be posting pics so dont ask for pics of this and that. they will be up byu tuesday. For now you can look at my tank thread and see that you will be happy purchasing corals from me:) http://www.manhattanreefs.com/forum/tank-threads/29152-zuskas-65-gallon-thread.html

Red mille 1/2 $15 SOLD
Superman mille 1/2-1in $20
turaki $15 SOLD
yellow table 1in $15 $10
confusa $15 SOLD
purple haze monti 1/2in $15 2x $10
Green hydnophora 1-2IN $10
LE Acro (yellow/pink with green poylps) 3/4-1/2in $25 (3 FRAGS ONLY) $20

Red acan 13heads $30 SOLD
War coral 18 eyes $15(SOLD) and 26 eyes on a clam shell $20(SOLD)
Meteor shower frag disk covered $20 SOLD
Monster blue chalice $15 (quater size) $10
candy cane 4 heads $20 SOLD

Darth Muals 3 polyps $70 SOLD
night mares 3 polyps $30 (Pending H2O) SOLD
Ez 4 polyps $50 $35
Jokers 5 polyps $15 SOLD
Aog 5-7 polyps $15 and 4 polyp $10
Mohawks 7p$15 and 4p $10 SOLD
Rose Nebulas 4polyps $20 SOLD
Spiderman $10 a polyp

Pick up will be at the swap i will be there at 10am and will leave around 2pm. If you want to come pick up frags before swap your more then welcome to also.


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Just out of curiosity, do you have any rainbow frogspawn available this time around. I saw the pictures of your corals from the previous swap; they are beautiful.
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