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Ok thanks!

Paolissimo, someone had asked earlier but I didnt see the answer. Does being in on the group buy give a better discount, and then moved up in status with the company? Or does it just merely move you up?


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The discount is the minimum price on the website when you buy multiples of a product. That is a good price. Then I believe they make you a preferred customer which gives you a price in between both prices shown, still a good deal.

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Its started!! I actually replied to the question if we get better prices in an earlier post, but i am sure you guys saw it already, you get a few $ off and your account gets updated which gives you future discounts between the group buy price and the original price.
Have fun people!!
Hey 35 i honestly do not know. Make sure you are logged in, another member, was saying he couldn't see any discounted prices, so i advise him to reboot and log back in, and then he was able to see the special prices. Again not everything has a special price. I know the controller (which i was looking forward to myself)are not discounted.


Thanks for taking the time and your efforts for coordinating this group buy, Paolissimo. Saved me quite a bit...and I too just made the $175. Scored a Piranha Algae Magnet, hope it lives up to the reviews.
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